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About Satbir

The concept behind Sattea Loose Teas was born when Satbir moved out for university and could not find a good cup of tea when she left home for the day. Satbir joked with her roommates about going into the tea business. In 2003, Satbir wrote her first business plan for her tea concept and launched Sapphire Tea. Upon graduating from university, the mountain of student loans led to the difficult decision to take a corporate position and give up on her dream of pursuing a tea boutique.

In the years since, Satbir studied everything about teas and where they come from by first acquiring books and using the internet. Satbir learned of the Tea Sommelier certificate available at the Vancouver Community College while she was taking courses for her career. Satbir decided to finally pursue her dream of a tea boutique and found that Tea Sommelier courses were available online via The Tea & Herbal Association of Canada. In 2017, Satbir completed a Tea Sommelier certificate through the Tea & Herbal Association of Canada.