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  • Earl Grey De La Cream

    A vanilla scented smooth Earl Grey Cream tea! Did we mention it’s smooth? Very smooth.

    Ingredients: Assam black leaf tea, bergamot, vanilla

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  • Guayusa

    A silky, clean finish of the Amazonian Holly Tree plant. Reminds you of a light green tea.

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  • Indian Chai

    A strong, hardy body and bold spice notes. If you are looking for the taste of traditional Indian chai this is as close to it as you can get – without hopping on a flight to New Delhi!

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  • Irish Breakfast

    A strong, robust of black tea best taken with a splash of milk!

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  • Lavender Lemonade

    Light and refreshing with an invigorating citrus finish.

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  • Lime Gelato

    A refreshing blend of lime, lemon and hibiscus pieces to quench your thirst.

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  • Midnight Jasmine

    A classic and smooth China eyebrow tea in a pure organic form. The fresh scent of jasmine does not overwhelm the tea like some jasmines, but with the fragrant chun mee, the balance between floral and green tea notes are divine. The flowers have never touched this tea, just their overwhelming fragrance.

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  • Pai Mu Dan

    An everyday Chinese White tea, which is also called White Peony, has a delicate earthy flavour.

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